Soak Tank Cleaners - Powders


Cal 31
A superior soak tank cleaner with superior emulsifying properties.
Cal 32
Our most economical cleaner with excellent wetting properties.
All Kleen
A cleaner which mimics the use of solvent without the solvent.
Cal 86
A cleaner with the best wetting and emulsifying properties.
Cal 1550
A cleaner with just a bit more bite, when that’s what’s needed.

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Cal Deox-O
A powdered deoxidizer for use prior to plating or anodizing.
Cal Deox-L
A Liquid deoxidizer for aluminum, Non chromated.

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Cal 584
A Powdered material which provides a uniform etch on the desired part and prevents metals from building up on the sides of the vessels.
Cal 584-F
Contains the same attributes as Cal 584, however, Cal 584-F when gassing, creates a foam blanket to help disperse gases and reduce caustic odor.

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Cal Ano-Strip
A chromated liquid which provides complete removal of anodizing.

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