Does Cal Pac sell "raw" materials?

Cal Pac is in the business of selling finished goods.  We buy from established chemical suppliers,and we are not structured to compete with them. We will, however, occasionally accommodate a current customer.


What size container are your materials packaged in?


Cal Pac products traditionally come in three sizes, 55 gallon or 500 lb. net drums, 150 lb. kegs, 15 gallon carboys, as well as 5 gallon and 50 lb. pails.  However, size may differ slightly depending on the density of the material packaged or the customer's requirements.


Private labeled materials are packaged to our customers' request.


How many batches can you make a day?


Depending on the complexity of the batches, Cal Pac can produce 7 to 8 powdered batches per day and up to 10 to 12 liquid batches per day.  Our powdered mixers are washed out between each and every batch and air dried if necessary to be sure the customer gets their material and no one else's leftovers.  Our liquid tanks are also rinsed thoroughly between each batch to avoid any type of cross contamination.


The washing out of our mixers may cost us some time but we are confident when we make a product for you there is nothing in there that shouldn't be.


Do you take your drums back?


Cal Pac is pleased to take back empty deposit drums and refund any deposits which were collected. However, any drum which may be returned to Cal Pac must meet all the requirements set forth by the State and Federal DOT.  Please call or refer to your account manager for further information.


More questions and answers to be posted as they become available.



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