Approved General Cleaning Agents


Cal 32
A non-caustic powder for use in all purpose cleaning. Can be used with pressure or steam
Cal 86-A
A non-caustic powdered heavy duty cleaner, performs like caustic without the hazard of caustic soda.
Cal 1620
A non-caustic liquid cleaner for general purpose cleaning of walls and concrete floors.
Kleen All
A non-caustic liquid, cleaner for general purpose cleaning of walls and concrete floors. Will not harm painted or most coated floors.
A powdered material recommended for use in washing tubs, cutting tables, pans, and other utensils. Can also be used in all purpose hand washing.

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Approved products for mechanical cleaning devices


Cal 262
A highly alkaline powdered cleaner for cleaning carbonized and burnt on deposits.
Cal 675
A caustic cleaner recommended for hot tank or spray washer applications. For removal of rust and greases.
Cal 1142
A low foaming cleaner for use in spray type washer applications.
Cal 1618
Recommended for use in cleaning smoke house walls. Usually with steam, pressure or with spray application.

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Approved for use as acid cleaners


Cal 240
A mildly acidic cleaner with abrasive action for use in food plants, breweries, bottling plants and dairies. Removes lime deposits and stains on tile floors.
Cal 1178
A neutralizer for stainless tubs and utensils after caustic hot tank cleaning.

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Approved foaming agent


Cal 92
A concentrated liquid for injection into pressure systems for developing foam. Can be mixed with most Cal Pac approved cleaners for cleaning of vertical surfaces.

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Conveyor Lubricants


Lube 49 UG
A liquid material designed to lubricate conveyors to allow containers to move freely.

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